What happens when you combine lab quality, portable diagnostics with user-centered app design?

Powerful Tests

Robust, highly sensitive lab-quality tests

Data Visualization

Elegant, easy-to-understand visualization of results


Well-written, consumer friendly health information


Interactive tools that empower consumers to take control

A Comprehensive Approach to Consumer Health

Setting our powerful,  portable diagnostic platform at the core,  Sandstone Diagnostics develops comprehensive solutions that enable consumers to take control of their health. By combining our lab quality assays with beautiful visualization of results and top quality information, we guide consumers on the path to health and wellness in a way that has never been done before.

Flipping the way you think about fertility

Trak is a revolutionary approach to fertility  management that empowers men to monitor their sperm quality, take charge of their fertility, and improve their chances of conception.


At home comfort and privacy


As accurate as the clinical lab test


Test as often as needed, all from the comfort of home


The Trak mobile solution

A whole new approach to fertility improvement.

Using Sandstone’s Trak mobile app, our customers are able to monitor their key fertility stats over time, identify sources of fertility impairment, and take steps to improve their health and chances of conception. Trak is more than just a test kit… it’s a comprehensive solution to help you conceive.


Our Team

Greg Sommer

Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer

Ulrich Schaff

Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer

Sara Naab

Cofounder, Marketing & Quality Director

Paul Manners

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Epperson

Research Associate

April Culver

Creative Associate

Raymond Naval

Web and Mobile Developer

Tiffany Quebral

Clinical Coordinator

Laura Fredriksen

Product Development Lead

Kirk Harmon

Web and Mobile Developer

Michael Eisenberg, MD

Medical Advisor


Karen Drexler

Board Member

Kevin King

Board Member

June Fallon

Board Member

Rich Brenner

Board Member

How we got here


Laying the Bedrock

Responding to urgent national defense needs, Sandstone’s founders begin work on a new point-of-care clinical diagnostic technology at Sandia National Labs that will enable first responders to rapidly screen large populations in emergency scenarios. The “SpinDx” system uses centrifugal forces generated in spinning disposable plastic disks to simultaneously quantify protein biomarkers and white blood cells from small volumes of whole blood. 


Improvements and Striations

In several head-to-head comparison tests at Sandia, SpinDx is shown to outperform gold standard laboratory methods in terms of speed, sample volume, and sensitivity. The team is awarded federal research grants to expand the SpinDx assay portfolio and further develop the handheld, battery powered device. SpinDx evolves from a science experiment into a versatile, powerful, cutting-edge diagnostic platform.


Sandstone Formation

Sandstone Diagnostics is founded in July 2012 to develop comprehensive diagnostic products that bring clinical tests out of the laboratory and into the hands of the people who need them. The company secures a license to Sandia’s technology and continues to build its own technology portfolio to build, manufacture, and distribute products that meet both the performance specifications for clinical testing and reliability requirements for consumer use. Sandstone’s team gels into a scrappy start-up ready to change the way people monitor and manage their health.


Crystallization of Trak Fertility

Sandstone’s lead product, Trak, is born from the company’s unique capability to rapidly quantify cells in biological samples. Trak is a new approach to fertility improvement that empowers couples to monitor key sperm parameters at home as they take steps to boost their fertility and improve their chances of conception. Sandstone is also awarded a grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health to further develop its core diagnostic platform for monitoring the health status of newborn babies in neonatal intensive care units.  


Growth and Stratification

Having proven that Trak meets the accuracy of a laboratory semen analysis, Sandstone is currently focused on bringing the product to market. The company is developing a mobile app and online educational resources to complement the hardware product and give couples a comprehensive approach to fertility improvement. Sandstone is also collaborating with external development partners to expand its core suite of clinical assays for fertility applications as well as additional medical conditions. Sandstone is off to the races and positioned to change the face of clinical testing and health management.

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